Choose Your Own Challenge

Choose Your Own Challenge


Choose Your Own Challenge / Roghnaigh do Dhúshlán Féin

Our final Charity Challenge of the year takes place this April and it’s Choose Your Own Challenge time!

This is your chance to come up with your own challenge to raise funds for the SU Charities: Galway Rape Crisis Centre, Galway Autism Partnership and Helplink Mental Health.

Why not get your friends, housemates, classmates and family involved to share the Challenge. We can help you out with spreading the word about your event!

Here’s some ideas to give you a bit of inspiration!

  1. Donate your birthday. If it’s your birthday in April why not get friends and family to donate to the SU Charities as your present.
  2. Hold a housemate Olympics. Rounds could include sack races, welly tossing, jenga, remote control car race, three legged race, jigsaw making, drawing each other, an egg & spoon race or Rock, Paper, Scissors!
  3. Hold a Movie Watch Party and dress as characters from the movie.
  4. Donate whatever you’re not spending money on – pints, coffees, dinners out, holidays, travel, hair-cuts!
  5. Hold a Bake Off between your housemates, classmates or family
  6. TikTok Video Challenge – the winner is the one with the most views
  7. Have a particular set of skills? Why not hold a workshop, give grinds or hold a talk to share your skills and knowledge with other people.
  8. Shave Your Head
  9. Host a Talent Competition for housemates, classmates or family
  10. Dye Your Hair
  11. Set an April goal for walking/running/cycling/swimming or all four! Get supporters to agree to donate a certain amount when you reach your goal.
  12. Organise a table quiz
  13. Give up something
  14. Take up something – what can you master in a month?
  15. Dance off
  16. Lip-Sync Battle
  17. Have a virtual Coffee Morning to catch up with the people you haven’t seen in ages.
  18. Fancy Dress Competition
  19. Get a Swear Jar for your house
  20. Sponsored Silence
  21. Karaoke Competition
  22. Chess Tournament

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Déan teaghmháil le le tuilleadh eolais a fháil


Artice by
Joanna Brophy