• Check your Personal timetable, make sure all your exams to be taken at this exam session are listed, if not contact the Student Registry  Helpdesk
  • Know the exact location, date and start time of your Exam, remember to check the Exams Amendments web page!
  • If you have Exams in Salthill (Leisureland/Galway Bay Hotel) we have arranged a bus service with City Direct.
  • Be there on time, at least 20 mins before the Exam starts & look up your seat no. when you arrive. Any delay in seating may cause unwanted stress and/or disruption in your exam.
  • Make sure you bring your ID card with you and place it on your desk during your exam for inspection. If you do not present your current ID card you will be fined €25. If you have misplaced or lost your ID card, you can get it replaced at the Student Registry Helpdesk, Áras Uí Chathail for a fee of €20 they will be open early during exams.
  • Powered off mobile phones can now be brought in to the Exams Venues
  • You can enter the Exam Venue up to 1 hour after the exam has started but you don’t get any extra time
  • If you take permitted material into the exam venue with you, make sure it’s free of notes or indentations writing or notes. Students in some exams are permitted to bring books such as legal texts in with them, but consult with your lecturer first.
  • Make sure you take the correct exam paper
  • If you have questions about the Exam paper ask the invigilator
  • You can’t leave the Exam Venue for the first hour or the last 30 mins of the exam
  • You have to hand all the answer books, even those used for rough work. You will not be allowed to leave the examination hall with any answer book.
  • If you feel unwell during an exam, tell the invigilator
  • Visiting Students are not entitled to extra time
  • Ear plugs are available in the Students’ Union shop and are a good accessory to help concentration in the exam hall.
  • You must remain seated until your exam script has been collected

If you’re having problems with study or any education related issues contact the Education Officer

If you’re stressed and need someone to talk to or just someone to listen contact the Welfare and Equality Officer

For all exam related queries check out the Exams Office website

Exam Do's and Don'ts


  • Do set out a study plan early and stick to it. Organise all the things you want to do (e.g. watch the match) and fix your timetable around it. If you can’t motivate yourself, give yourself rewards or incentives to study, e.g. if I do two chapters of Micro Metabolism in this I can tidy my room, woo hoo! (Alternatively, watching Friends might be a better reward).

  • Do study in an area which resembles the conditions in an exam hall. If your study place is quiet, you will have a better chance of reproducing information in an exam situation.

  • Do sleep and eat well; they are scientifically proven to help in an exam situation. Take a 10 minute break every 50 minutes when studying; it’ll help you refresh and concentrate.

  • Do seek help if you need it. Talk to your lecturers coming up to exams. They may not give you direct hints, but they certainly can help solve problems, and possibly show you the best way of studying your subject. You can drop in to the Students’ Union Vice-President / Education Officer for help on how to prepare for exams or the best ways of studying.

  • Do ask questions in tutorials. They are extremely helpful, and you may feel more confident asking there than in a lecture hall.

  • Do understand the exam regulations and paper format. Read through the regulations about plagiarism, exam hall guidelines, and make sure you plan ahead to get to examination halls. Check what times the exam buses are going at.


  • Don’t listen to rumours. If you think there may be a basis, go to the source – your lecturer.

  • Don’t go overboard with the study. Staying up all night before exams will damage you more than help you. Pints of coffee and caffeine tablets are known to cause panic attacks.

  • Don’t talk to the guy who says he hasn’t a hope in the exam. We all know he is a sneaky swot and going to do well, and he’ll panic you!

  • Don’t panic! If you have the work done you’ll be fine. It will be hard to not get the result you want in an exam if you have the work done for it. Try to relax and your exam will run smoothly.

  • Don’t spend from 8.30am until 10pm in the library – it’s not going to be productive. Aim for an 8 or 9 hour day, with good breaks. It’s quality, not quantity that works.