Student Levy

The Student Levy is a payable by all students. It was first introduced in 1997 to fund the construction of Áras na Mac Léinn and expanded over time to find other student services. In April 2021, students voted to reduce the Student Levy from €224 per year to €140 per year.

The levy is allocated as follows:

Societies €25.00

Clubs €25.00

Students’ Union €40.00

Student Health Unit €22.00

Áras na Mac Léinn €3.00

Flirt FM €6.00

Student Project Fund €5.00

CÉIM €14.00

Total €140.00

The Student Levy funds the services listed above because they do not receive adequate funding from the University. NUI Galway is the only third level college that requires its students to subsidise services that are available in all other colleges, but funded by central funds.

The Students’ Union is committed to ensuring quality student services are provided to students. If you would like to know about the work of the Students’ Union, please follow our social media channels listed below.