Any sexual act without consent constitutes rape or sexual assault. Both parties must be sure that they have the full consent of the other(s). If a person is ‘out of it’ on alcohol or another substance, legally they cannot be considered to have given consent. Dancing, dating or going home with someone does not change any of this. Both Men and Women can be raped or sexually assaulted. Rape or sexual assault is usually committed by someone the victim knows and in a familiar location. Each individual always has the right to choose with whom they will or will not have sexual relations, or the extent and nature of the sexual relations.
The most common rape drug in Ireland is alcohol. Don’t leave your drink unattended. Always be careful not to get drunk in the presence of someone you don’t fully trust and do not accept drink off them. Remember personal alarms are available from the Students’ Union Shop.

Acts of rape and sexual assault are never the victim’s fault.
Sometimes the victim may be too embarrassed or humiliated to talk about their experience. This can be a difficult burden to carry alone.

The Galway Rape Crisis Centre offers support to both men and women. They offer support in reporting to the Gardaí if required. The centre offers counselling for people who have experienced rape, sexual assault and sexual harassment. The Rape Crisis Centre also offers counselling to adult victims of Child Sexual Abuse.

If you are the victim of sexual violence or assault you should also contact the Gardaí at Mill Street on 091 538000.


Active Consent

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Students interested in attending Consent workshops can contact Pádraig MacNeela

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Students that have experienced sexual assault can get help from University of Galway:

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