The experience of being LGBTQA+ on campus depends on the person themselves; it depends on how open they are and how comfortable they are with their sexuality or gender. The atmosphere in college can play a large part too. Some LGBTQA+ students find that “coming out” in their particular situation would be unnecessary hassle and possibly even dangerous. This does not however infer that the person is ashamed of being LGBTQA+. You should come out because YOU want to, not because someone else thinks you should.

BródSoc is University of Galway’s LGBTQA+ society, which provides a safe place for LGBTQA+ students to come and meet and to socialise in a fun atmosphere. The society also runs educational events throughout the year. The society can prove to be a source of support, understanding and friendship for LGBTQA+ students.

Student’s can find a list of the locations of Gender Neutral toilets here

For any students who are Gender Transitioning you can find information on how to change your name here

Students can also find the Gender Identity and Gender Expression policy for the University here.

If you encounter any kind of discrimination and harassment, whether it is spoken or unspoken, physical or sexual, from anyone in college, students or staff you do not have to stand for it. You can contact the Students’ Union Welfare & Equality Officer, who are in place to make sure there is no bullying or discrimination on campus.

Useful contacts:

Students’ Union Welfare & Equality Officer (091) 492 747
Welfare Officer Union of Students in Ireland LGBT Rights Officer (01) 7099300
TENI 085 1477166, (Transgender Equality Network)
LGBT Ireland