Every student who registers as a student in University of Galway automatically becomes a member of University of Galway Students’ Union. As a postgraduate student, you’re entitled to the same services and representation as undergraduate students.

Along with the Students’ Union Executive Officers, there are also postgraduate specific representatives. Each September Postgraduate College Representatives from amongst the postgrads in each College are elected, to sit on each college. The Students’ Union will organise elections for these positions.

In February, postgraduate reps are elected to Academic Council (2 members) and Governing Authority. These postgraduate reps are Postgrad students elected by fellow postgrads. They sit on many committees relevant to Postgrad issues such as the Research Committee, Library Committee, Quality Committee and others including the Graduate Studies Board. If you are interested in running for any of these positions, please contact the Students’ Union. We can only work on issues that are brought to our attention. That is why it’s very important to fill postgraduate seats on University committees so that we can work to address the matters that affect you.

The University of Galway Dean of Graduate Studies, Prof Lucy Byrnes, is responsible for the overall management of the operation of University postgraduate research programmes. The Graduate Studies website provides postgraduate students with the information you need on research and graduate opportunities. University Guidelines for Research Degree Programmes including the relevant Regulations are also available on this website.

The following guides are available on the Universities Current Students web page as well as hard copy versions from the Graduate Studies office:

If you would like a hard copy version of this guide please send your name and internal postal address to

Blackboard is a Virtual Learning Environment and once you have registered for your research programme you are also registered for the Graduate Studies Blackboard module (1GST1). The Graduate Studies Office posts information and resources of relevance to graduate students on Blackboard, such as information about conferences, seminars, research days and graduate training.  The web link for Blackboard is

Orientation for Research Postgraduates will be arranged in September. Events will also be run by the Students’ Union over the course of the year so keep an eye out for those!

For further information or comment, please contact the Graduate Studies Office at

Look out for details of Postgrad Community events at