NUI Galway Students' Union

Provides the following travel related services for students

Irish Rail and Bus Éireann no longer accept any Third Level College Student ID’s  as a valid form of Student ID. If a student wishes to obtain a discount on Irish Rail and Bus Éireann they will need to purchase a Student Leapcard or Young Adult Card.  Students and Young Adults can apply and purchase a Card online here.

If a person is between 19 years of age and 23 years of age they will need to apply for a Young Adult Leapcard. This is open to anyone between 19-23 years of age. This card will be posted directly to the address which is put in the application (It cannot be printed in the SU office).

If the student is between 16 – 18 years of age or over 24 years of age they will need to come into the Students’ Union office in person within 14 days with their order number where the card can be printed. You can find more information about Irish Rail’s Terms and Conditions here.

Student Leapcards are only valid for 1 year from September to September. All applicants must be current registered students to obtain a new Student Leapcard.

Student Leap Card

Apply online and pay for your Student Leap Card HERE. You will then need to come into the Students’ Union office in person within 14 days with your order number and we can print the card straight away. Please note your code will expire after 14 days.

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BUs Routes to Galway

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Getting from A to University of Galway

For all your travel information on how to get to University of Galway please click here 

Please call to the Students’ Union office upstairs in Áras na Mac Léinn for these services. We are open Monday-Friday 10am-5pm during term time.