World Suicide Prevention Day 2022

World Suicide Prevention Day 2022


World Suicide Prevention Day | An Lá Domhanda um Fhéinmharú a Chosc

Saturday 10th of September 2022 is World Suicide Prevention Day.

Don’t be afraid to reach out, you’re not alone | Ná bíodh eagla ort cabhair a lorg; níl tú leat féin.

List of Mental Health Supports

Acmhainní Meabhairshláinte

6 Ways to Take Action Today

  1. Sign up for Jigsaw 5-A-Day for Mental Health Free One Hour Workshop HERE
  2. Do the Ohana Zero Suicide Training online – it’s free and only takes 20 minutes HERE
  3. LivingWorks Start is a free 90 minute online interactive training progamme that will give you the skills and knowledge to keep others safe from suicide. Sign up details HERE
  4. Download the Galway Safe App which aims to reduce drownings in Galway City. Info HERE
  5. Sign up for WRAP® which is an evidence-based programme that develops personalised tools to help manage distress and promote positive mental health. More info HERE.
  6. Free Stress Control online training is available again from next Monday 12th Sept. Click HERE for the videos and the free resources for mental health and wellbeing.

A problem shared is a problem halved | Laghdú gach anró é a roinnt.

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