SU Extended Statement on the Palestinian Genocide

SU Extended Statement on the Palestinian Genocide

Students’ Union Extended Statement on the Palestinian Genocide

Comhaltas na Mac Léinn, Ollscoil na Gaillimhe are extremely concerned with the astounding loss of life over the last few days, months, and years. This violence is not new and has been an ongoing effort of apartheid by the Israeli government against the people of Palestine, enacted through the unlawful occupation of Palestine.

In recent weeks, Israel has cut water, electricity, and medicine into Gaza. The violence inflicted on Palestinians is an escalation of persistent genocide and is an institutionalized regime of systematic aggression and dominance.

The genocide so far has killed over 23 Palestinians for each Israeli. Therefore, we do not believe as a Union that we have the right or the privilege to condemn individuals within Palestine who fight against their oppressors. We do, however, as a Union, condemn any forms of violence, but acknowledge that we, residing in Ireland, cannot understand or comprehend the horrors and violence which Palestinians are enduring and continue to be forced to live under.

In 2014, Comhaltas na Mac Léinn Comhairle passed a mandate, specifying “That NUI Galway Students’ Union actively supports the campaign of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions [BDS] against the State of Israel.”

We therefore ask students to support BDS and to boycott Israeli goods and services (more info below)

We call on the Irish government to expel the Israeli ambassador to Ireland and continue to send emergency support and aid to Palestine.

We also demand that the University of Galway President, Ciarán Ó hOgartaigh, release a new statement outwardly condemning Israel and the apartheid and genocide which is occurring.

We, the Union, represent and support all of our student members, regardless of ethnicity, creed, religion, or any other minority background.

Students who have been affected by the ongoing conflict in any way are able to avail of support from Student Services, Student Counselling, and Chaplaincy. Please reach out if you need such resources.


University of Galway Students’ Union supports the Palestinian people and the BDS movement which stands for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against the state of Israel.

Our members voted in favour of solidarity with the people of Palestine in a 2014 referendum on BDS at University of Galway.

Here’s some information about the BDS Movement

  1. Boycott

Boycott companies that engage with Israel and goods produced on occupied territories.

  1. Divestment

Organisations and companies must divest from the state of Israel and stop doing business there.

  1. Sanctions

Pressuring governments to end military trade and free-trade agreements with Israel and to suspend Israel’s membership in international forums

Learn more here:

#BoycottIsrael #BDS #SolidarityWithPalestine #BoycottDivestmentSanctions



Tacaíonn Comhaltas na Mac Léinn Ollscoil na Gaillimhe le muintir na Palaistíne agus le Gluaiseacht BDS, a sheasann do Bhaghcat, Dífheistiú agus Smachtbhannaí i gcoinne Stát Iosrael.

Chuir ár mbaill a ndlúthpháirtíocht le muintir na Palaistíne in iúl i reifreann ar BDS in Ollscoil na Gaillimhe in 2014.

Seo a leanas roinnt eolais faoi Ghluaiseacht BDS

  1. Baghcat

Baghcat a dhéanamh ar chomhlachtaí a bhfuil caidreamh acu le hIosrael agus ar earraí a tháirgtear i gcríocha gafa.

  1. Dífheistiú

Éileamh ar eagraíochtaí agus ar chomhlachtaí dífheistiú ó Stát Iosrael agus éirí as gnó a dhéanamh sa tír.

  1. Smachtbhannaí

Brú a chur ar rialtais deireadh a chur le trádáil mhíleata agus le comhaontuithe saorthrádála le hIosrael agus ballraíocht Iosrael i bhfóraim idirnáisiúnta a chur ar fionraí.

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