NUI Galway Students’ Union Charity Challenge

NUI Galway Students’ Union Charity Challenge


NUI Galway Students’ Union Charity Challenge

  • 6 months
  • 6 challenges
  • 3 charities
  • And you!

This year is going to be a weird one but that doesn’t mean we can’t find new ways to have some fun, meet new people and raise money for the SU Charities while we are at it.

Our Charity Challenge starts in November with a different challenge each month for you to take part in. You can sign up for one challenge, all six challenges or anything in between – it’s up to you!

You set yourself a personal goal for each month based around the challenge theme. It’s not a one size fits all event – you know your own capabilities so you do you! Feel free to join at any time.

Once you have set your goal and signed up for that month’s challenge it’s time to get it done. Your challenge group will be here to support and encourage you. There will be mini challenges along the way and we will have lots of prizes of course! Each challenge will provide chances for you to meet up with the rest of the group both online and in person (where government guidelines allow).

We have one main fundraising page set up online for you to share so there’s no need to go around trying to collect cash off people – it’s all online here:

Don’t forget to share all your efforts on social media with #nuigsu #charitychallenge and that month’s challenge title e.g. #kilometrechallenge

The Charities:

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Month Challenge What’s that?
November Kilometre Challenge This month you will pick a target number of kilometres to cover during the month either by walking/jogging/running or on wheels. The choice is yours! Just make sure it’s a challenge.
December Random Act of Kindness (RAK) Challenge This month we are going to spread positivity wherever we go. We will have daily suggestions for Random Acts of Kindness that you can do or come up with your own ones. The RAK challenge motto is do good, feel good! Again you can commit to taking part in as many RAKs as you want from 1 to 30!
January New Year Challenge


This month we will be helping you to step outside your comfort zone by having daily suggestions for new things you can try for the new year. You could try a new sport, learn a new skill, volunteer or join a society. The opportunities are endless and your challenge group will be here to support your efforts.
February Kilometre Challenge Part 2! Here’s another chance to get as many kilometres covered in the month as you can! Maybe you walked in November and want to run this time. Let’s go even further this February!
March Mystery Challenge What could it be? All will be revealed!
April Choose your Own Challenge This month you can pick one of the challenges we have already held and make it your own. Get your friends involved. Try to beat your earlier record and let’s finish off the Charity Challenge by raising even more money for the SU Charities.
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