Hump Day Hoolie!

Hump Day Hoolie!


Hump Day Hoolie! | Cóisir na Céadaoin Crua!

It’s Back!

Join us on Zoom for our Hump Day Hoolie!

7.30pm Wednesday 1st December 2021 GET TICKETS HERE

There’ll be comedy, speed friending, music, competitions and loads of prizes on Zoom.

Want in? Get your FREE Ticket NOW! 

Zoom link will be sent on to you before the event.

Comedian Steve Bennett will be our host for the night along with your SU Officers. The craic will be had.

What you’ve been saying about the Hump Day Hoolie: 

“The hump day Hoolie is the highlight of my week 10/10 would recommend” 


“Hump Day Hoolie is such a great way to make friends with people outside of your module! 


It’s basically my only social life now!” 


“The best part of my week! Best way to meet people and Steve is what makes it the best”


“I felt really isolated until I joined the Hump Day Hoolie and now I finally have people to talk to, all thanks to you guys.”


“Such an entertaining evening was had thanks so much to Steve! Really made my week!”


“I would recommend EVERYONE to join the Hump Day Hoolie, such a fun and chill way to meet people and have some fun. I made so many new friends in the space of an hour. Really lets you feel normality for a little while.”


“Absolutely fantastically run by some really funny and cool people ( talking about you Steve).

Will definitely make this part of my weekly schedule!!”


“I have been coming to the Hump Day Hoolie since Day One : )  I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate it every week, it has been one of the biggest highlights of college so far! (It’s sad but its true). You have been so helpful in breaking the ice with everyone on the call and always making me laugh. I come away from the call every week having made a bunch of new friends and having had a good laugh”

Artice by
Joanna Brophy