NUI Galway SU Supports “We’re Not Leaving” Campaign

NUI Galway SU Supports “We’re Not Leaving” Campaign


NUI Galway Students’ Union is supporting the We’re Not Leaving – Galway campaign and encouraging all students to attend the Youth Assembly in Dublin on Saturday the 9th of November. We are providing a return bus to the assembly and tickets are on sale for €2 from the Students’ Union now. We will be leaving at 9am on Saturday. 

Aims of the assembly:

– To build a campaign that unites students, young workers and the unemployed to address the youth crisis.

– To produce a youth charter, which articulates demands to be placed on representative bodies, the state and society and which articulates a divergent social vision from the path of austerity Ireland on behalf of young people.

– To build a democratic infrastructure on the basis of this charter that can reinvigorate youth politics locally and nationally.

You can also attend the Galway meeting this Thursday 7th November 2013 at 8pm in the Victoria Hotel.

Artice by
Joanna Brophy