Undergraduate Science Fair

Undergraduate Science Fair

2013/2014 Projects

 Science Fair

This project takes the concept of a science fair and expands it by allowing all students, from across all disciplines, to design an experiment or create a science project. As an interdisciplinary effort, it aims at getting all students involved and interested in science.

Students: Joanne Duffy

Staff: Dr. Sarah Knight, Louise Allcock


Pictures from the Undergraduate Science Fair, held in The View, Áras na Mac Léinn on 19 March:

EXPLORE the Science behind baking cupcakes, disappearing bees, and even Breaking Bad at NUI Galway’s first ever Undergraduate Science Fair, Wednesday March 19th, 10 am to 5 pm, in The View, Aras na Mac Léinn. Student presenters are from all science disciplines, and are being given the freedom to create interactive displays on a scientific topic that they find engaging and exciting. The Undergraduate Science Fair will include demonstrations, experiments, and hands-on activities.”

fair 1

fair 2

fair 3

fair 4

fair 5







Artice by
Chris Newell