The Big Yellow Thing

The Big Yellow Thing

2013/2014 Projects

Big Yellow Thing3

This artistic project will see the creation of creative new designs tailored to NUI Galway. Merchandise with these new designs would then be made available in campus retailers, making them available to students, staff, visitors and alumni.

Students: Michelle Campion

Staff: Fionnuala Gallagher, Liam Buckley


Project Update – 31 January 2014:

  • Finished all clothing designs approx. two weeks ago (all five colleges of NUIG). 
  • Carried out a survey on my masters class with preference to colour and clothing design (as I’m creating our class hoodie design (voluntarily) and it will relate to the designs chosen for ‘The Big Yellow Thing’.
  • Printed promotional posters and putting them up shortly around campus. 
  • I was asked to do graphic work for other EXPLORE projects so finished that this week also. 
  • Started “The Big Yellow Thing” Facebook page and Twitter.
  • Discussed printing options with screen printer and will be printing shortly.


Project Update – 29 November 2013

  • Organised meeting for 5th Dec with Arts Office (Fionnuala Gallagher and her team) to discuss illustration ideas.
  • Drew up some preliminary sketches of possible illustration ideas.
  • I have attached a design for ‘The Big Yellow Thing’ Facebook page (which I intend to create after exams), to use as cover and profile and maybe as posters around Galway City later on in the next few months.
Artice by
Chris Newell