Student Enterprise Awards


The business and social leaders of tomorrow are on our campus today.

The NUI Galway Students’ Union Enterprise Awards aim to unlock the potential of the students of NUI Galway to invest in their own futures today.

If you have an idea for a new business or a social enterprise then this can be the competition that can allow you to realise your goal. Students are invited to sketch out the initial proposals for their project or business and to draw up the plans they hope will make their idea a reality. The finalists will be given the chance to take their ideas forward and to set about implementing their projects with the assistance of a financial allowance, workshops and clinics.

The overall winner will receive a direct investment of €10,000 in their project to really help get it off the ground in addition to further guidance and mentoring to help bring the project forward, while two runners up prizes, each valued at €5,000 will also be awarded. The goal of the competition is that every entrant has taken the first steps of launching their idea and so the benefits of each idea has been allowed to flourish.

In the challenging economic times students are faced with, with a saturated employment market, this competition gives students the opportunity to take charge of their own future and to utilise the skills they have learned at NUI Galway to plot their own futures.

The opportunity to win an investment of €10,000 in their project, coupled with the benefits of mentoring and support from experts gives students a fantastic opportunity to kick start their careers.

UPDATE: Unfortunately due to a lack of funding the SU Enterprise Awards is no longer running.