SU Council

SU Council

SU Council

Students’ Union & Class Reps Council

The Students’ Union Executive is answerable to the Students’ Union Council. The Students’ Union Council consists of approximately 350 members representing every class in the University. The Council is essential to the running of the Union and is beneficial to the running of the University. It also helps bring students ever more closely involved with the workings of the Union and the University. The SU Council is used by the Union to inform students what is happening within the University and also to get feedback from students regarding any problems, suggestions or positive aspects they have found in the University.

The SU Council meets at least three times per semester and quorum for a SU Council meeting shall be fifty class representatives.

Each of the NUI Galway Colleges also has a College Class Representative Council together with a Postgraduate Council. Each College Council meets twice each semester.

The object of the College Class Rep Councils is to discuss individual faculty issues whilst Students’ Union Council discusses University wide issues. Class Reps is co-ordinated by the Vice-President/Education Officer who works with the SU Council Chair and the Convenors to ensure that every class is represented and heard. Feel free to make use of the SU Council to get your views across by approaching your class rep or and Officer.

Getting Involved

Becoming a Class Rep

They’re the “Voice of your Class” and represent the views of the majority of the class. They help to solve both individual and class-wide problems. If you decide to run for Class Rep, your responsibilities will include communicating between your class and the course lecturers, attending SU Council and your College Council meetings to help formulate Students’ Union policies and arranging class parties, hoodies etc. Being a Class Rep is good fun and a great addition to your CV. You also qualify for the ALIVE Certificate which is the NUI Galway Presidential Award for Volunteering

The Council consists of over 350 students representing classes in every year and every department. Every class should have a Class Rep. However, if your class does not yet have a rep then please contact the Education Officer at or become one yourself!

Join the SU Crew

Even if you’re not an elected Class Rep, you can still get involved in the Students’ Union activities. The Union regularly runs campaigns on campus, and we’re always looking for extra help. From somewhat intimidating tasks like addressing lectures to other jobs such as handing out leaflets or preparing documentation, there’s always something that needs to be done, so join in! If there’s a particular issue that you’re concerned about, let us know and we’ll try to help. Just call up to the Students’ Union offices in Áras na Mac Léinn, drop us a line by email or check our Twitter and Facebook .

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