No Platform Policy

No Platform Policy


Referendum on Students’ Union No Platform Policy

Do you wish to retain the No Platform Policy as passed by the Students’ Union Council on 7th November 2011?

No Platform Policy
Passed by NUI Galway Students’ Union Council, 7th November 2011

1. The Students’ Union will be mandated to automatically oppose any invitation
to members of the organisations listed below to speak at this university.

2. Students’ Union Officers shall be prohibited from sharing a public platform
with members of the listed organisations.

3. Organisations may be added and removed by ballot of NUI Galway Students’
Union Council. Proposals will be submitted by class reps or Students’ Union
Executive Officers.

4. The list of organisations under the No Platform Policy shall be reserved for
organisations that are deemed to be fascist and/or racist by the Students’
Union Council.

Organisations included in the No Platform Policy:
• Combat 18
• Hizb ut- Tahrir
• MPAC UK (Muslim Public Affairs Committee)
• The National Front.
• Democratic Right Movement
• MPAC Ireland
• National Front parties from various other EU countries
• The Racial Volunteer Force (Splinter group from C18)
• Blood and Honour
• British Movement/British National Socialist Movement
• Column 88

Artice by
Chris Newell