STARTS: Students Teaching Apps of Relevance To Staff

STARTS: Students Teaching Apps of Relevance To Staff

2013/2014 Projects

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This project involves trained students hosting workshops for NUI Galway staff who are interested in developing basic apps, which can benefit the delivery of courses and the campus overall. The mission is to create a teaching package for students to teach staff something that adds value to the students’ own learning experiences, the premise being “learning through teaching”. The staff also get value from learning basic coding and programming. 

Staff: Ian Stewart, Steve Holmes

Students: Gabriel Bourke, Lydia Shirley, David Renton, Ryan Hehir, Stephen Bourke, Kevin Lynch, Evan Preisler


Project Update – 27 February 2014:

  • Check out this video of the STARTS team in action here.


Project Update – 9 December 2013

  • We have decided to develop a chat application which could be scaled provide an instant messaging services for the NUI Galway Campus.
  • We have assembled a team of student mentors and we are in discussions regarding teaching computing concepts to staff members of varying levels of computing skill.
  • We have decided to consult CELT with regards to reaching out to find staff who would like to participate. CELT can also provide advice on the duration, frequency, and best time to run the sessions.


Project Update – 26 November 2013

  • For our staff training project we are planning to recruit 3 to 4 students from 2nd year computer science. 4 have already expressed an interest.
  • We are looking at teaching an app that would give staff the possibility of developing further apps later i.e. train a skill in them.
  • The money would be used to pay the students as well as for advertising to staff.
  • We will need to establish what expenses might be needed to set up a workshop such as this.
  • This could perhaps become a self-sustaining thing for staff that could extend to more years down the line if it becomes popular with staff.
  • We would need to make the first year a success i.e. have positive evaluations from staff in year one.
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