RISE: Taking the Pressure Off

RISE: Taking the Pressure Off

2013/2014 Projects


This project aims to encourage preventative measures to help people avoid costly and damaging pressure ulcers through a public awareness campaign. Taking the Pressure Off is an inter-disciplinary project between the School of Nursing & Midwifery and the Discipline of Podiatry which aims at benefiting the wider community.

Students: Sally Glynn, Lauren Brennan, Fiona Mullins, Jacqui Hartigan, Olga Carey, Bríd McGing, Orla Grealish        

Staff: Dr. Georgina Gethin, Prof. Caroline McIntosh


Project Update – 25 March 2014:


  • To date we have presented our project to representatives from the Carer’s Association of Ireland and the Irish Practice Nurses’ Association (IPNA).
  • We have received feedback and are in the process of collaborating information to finalize a draft of the RISE leaflet.
  • We hope to send our final draft to the National Adult Literacy Agency (NALA) to provide a literacy friendly guide for carers.
  • We also hope to translate our information on the leaflet to Irish and Polish.
  • We have made contact with GTI who have agreed to help in the productions of our short information video. We are in the process of writing a script and arranging a suitable venue.



Project Update – 21 January 2013

Following a meeting today, the group have decided to:

  • Contact carers’ association and the Irish Practice Nurses’ Organisation (IPNA) regarding getting them involved in our project and asking for feedback about what they would find valuable from the project.
  • Plan out a presentation for our meeting with the carers’ association and the IPNA.
  • Review information that is already available to our target audience.
  • Contact the media department regarding imagery and how to make a video.



Project Update – 29 November 2013

  • The aim of our project is to raise community awareness in the prevention of pressure ulcers. We hope to provide educational material via an information leaflet, poster and/or video.
  • We have decided to direct our project at informal care providers within a community setting; essentially providing information to members of the community who are caring for a family member, neighbour etc. on the necessary precautions in the prevention of pressure ulcers.
  • We have decided to use the acronym “RISE”; Re-position- Inspection- Skincare- Eat as a means of capturing attention.
  • We are currently gathering a list of contact details of relevant organisations and agencies that may be willing to share their knowledge and offer advice.
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