NUI Galway Students’ Union Election Results 2014

NUI Galway Students’ Union Election Results 2014


NUI Galway Students’ Union Election Results 2014

Congratulations to the newly elected NUI Galway Students’ Union Sabbatical officers who will take up office on the 1st of July. They are: President Declan Higgins, Vice-President/Education Officer Phelim Kelly and Vice-President/Welfare Officer Aoife Ní Shúilleabháin. The students of NUI Galway also voted to keep the Students’ Union Pro-Choice on the issue of abortion and voted to support the BDS Campaign against the state of Israel.

On Thursday 13th of March students will go back to the polls at NUI Galway to elect their part-time officers and to decide on a referendum regarding the Students’ Union Position on the Issue of Couples of the Same Gender Availing of Civil Marriage.

Here are the full election and referenda results:


Duff 324

Higgins, Declan 1734 (elected)

McDonnell 827

Moran 110

O’Donnell 213

Re open nominations 34

Spoiled 64

Quota 1622

Vice President Education

Fitzgibbon, Conor 1479

Kelly, Phelim 1510 (elected on 2nd count)

Re open nominations 142

Quota 1566

Vice President Welfare

Mc Donald 600

Ní Shúilleabhain, Aoife 1466 (elected on 2nd count)

O’Dowd 1013

Re open nominations 64

Quota 1572

Referendum: “That NUI Galway Students’ Union repeal the result of RFC13/1 (position on Abortion), which mandated the Students’ Union to adopt an active pro-choice position in relation to abortion. Henceforth, the Students’ Union shall adopt a neutral position with regard to abortion.”

Yes: 1,418

No: 1,748

Spoiled 130

Referendum: “That NUI Galway Students’ Union actively supports the campaign of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against the State of Israel.”

Yes: 1,954

No: 1,059

Spoiled 248

Artice by
Joanna Brophy