2013/2014 Projects

 MyCollegeCal Logo

This is a mobile phone app which will detail all the various events on the NUI Galway campus as well as student-focused offers and promotions in Galway businesses. It is aimed at improving the experience of students, staff, clubs and societies and their relationships with NUI Galway.

Students: Robyn Mullan, Liam Krewer, Evan Preisler

Staff: John Breslin




Project Update – 4 April 2014:

We have changed our name to MyCollegeCal. We have decided on a logo and have bought a web page as a landing site for the app. We will next meet on Tuesday 13th May and will develop the app further over the summer.


Project Update – 29 November 2013:



  • Evan Preisler has joined What’s On and will work on app development alongside the rest of the team.


Future Plans:

  • The team will begin coding the app on December 19th.
  • We hope to create a mock-up/prototype version of the app early next semester to test on individual schools such as the business school and the engineering school.
  • We will also be hosting a focus group in January to determine exactly what our potential target market would like to see on our app. We will notify Explore of the exact date as soon as it is confirmed.
  • The basic plan is to have the final app developed by August 2014 in time for marketing and promotions before the next academic year starts.
Artice by
Chris Newell