Journal of Medical Students Galway

Journal of Medical Students Galway

2013/2014 Projects

Medical Journal2


This project is aimed at creating an open-access, peer-reviewed scientific journal. It will allow medical students to have their articles published in the journal and should encourage engagement with medical research at undergraduate level, which traditionally has not been the case.

Students: Yasir Loai, Alan Jacobsen

Staff: Prof. Peter McCarthy

Project Website


Project Update – 12 February 2014:


  • Weekly meetings take place amongst the committee in Clinical Sciences Institute to discuss the project progress, updates, and future goals
  • A professional webpage was set up to include information about the journal scope, submission process and criteria, FAQs, sponsorships, and contact details (
  • Submission criteria were completed and uploaded online with the aid of lead staff (Dr. O’Donovan) to guide students with their submissions
  • Additional collaboration with the Anatomy department (Prof. Dockery) is underway to include annual medical illustrations as part of the journal.  
  • A poster was created to call for submissions and displayed in Clinical Sciences Institute and main campus
  • The journal at the moment is open for submissions until Feb 21st midnight.
  • Contact with Boston Scientific and Medical Society were established to seek financial support to maintain journal sustainability
  • Photo competition has been included to encourage students with interest in photography to help with selecting the front cover of the journal
  • Journal has been promoted through NUI Galway Surgical Society and Medical Society




Project Update – 29 November 2013:

  • We have successfully formed a committee comprising medical students and medical faculty staff dedicated to becoming members and help participating in this student-staff led project:
  • 2 students will be assigned the role of webmasters, in charge of creating a webpage to promote journal aims, including information about: author’s submission guidelines, types of submissions, formatting, important deadlines worth noting, sponsorships, members of the committee, FAQs, contact details, etc.
  • 1 student will be involved in PR, contacting prospective sponsors, setting up a facebook page
  • 3 students will sit the editorial board and will be working closely with faculty members to review submissions and liaising with authors closely to ensure submissions are appropriate and in keeping with the guidelines.
  • 2 students will sit the production management team to put together a soft copy
  • 1 student will be responsible for connecting with production companies and ensure smooth transition from soft copy to hard copy.
  • The Vice auditor will be working as members of the team to facilitate the process of journal submission, design, and production.
  • 2 faculty members will sit the editorial team and help students with reviewing submissions and offer insight and guidance into building of the journal as a whole.
  • I will be working closely with everyone, in addition to reporting to the lead staff and chair meetings as necessary.
  • We have a second meeting next week with everyone to go over the agenda for Jan-Apr 2014.
  • I have put together a sample design cover for the Journal.
  • Call for submissions will take place in the last two weeks of Feb 2014.
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