“Scary Noisy Things”: Developing Emotional Vocabulary in Toddlers

“Scary Noisy Things”: Developing Emotional Vocabulary in Toddlers

2013/2014 Projects

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This project aims to develop a book which will enable parents/caregivers to initiate conversations about negative emotions such as fear & worry with toddlers. We will be depicting naturally occurring scenarios such as hand dryers which often cause negative emotional reactions in young children in order to kick start these conversations. The book will be disseminated widely and should be a valuable resource for parents and caregivers.

Students: Eithne McGreal

Staff: Mary-Pat O Malley Keighran


Project Update – 6 May 2014:

Our book is being printed! It is aimed at parents & caregivers of 18-24 month old children. You can have a FREE copy. Only one condition: you take the time to fill out our feedback form.

If you would like a FREE copy, please email Mary-Pat: marypat.omalley@nuigalway.ie


Sample pages:

Scary Noisy Things Book Page 07

  Scary Noisy Things Book Page 10

Scary Noisy Things Book Page 14


Project Update – 25 March 2014:

  • All illustrations and text have been completed.
  • Draft is being prepared by the designer and printer.
  • Meeting with printer to be scheduled to finalise draft.



Project Update – 31 January 2014:

  • We have completed the Guide for Grownups
  • We have selected the images to be included in the book
  • We have completed a rough draft of the book’s design from front to back cover
  • We have decided on the book’s title
  • We have selected the book size/dimensions


Project Update – 29 November 2013:

  • Decided on the number of scenes to be drawn
  • Completed an outline of the contents of the book from front cove to back page
  • Begun researching and writing the guide to parents/caregivers which will appear at the start of the book
  • Done some preliminary research on how to self-publish and the costs
  • Eithne has purchased drawing materials and begun the drawings/illustrations 


Artice by
Chris Newell