Justin Kossel

Clubs' Captain

The Clubs’ Captain represents University of Galway Clubs on the Students’ Union Executive and the Sports and Recreation Union.


I'm Justin Kossel, the newly appointed Clubs' Captain. Currently in my third year, I'm pursuing a degree in Marine Science, and my passion lies beneath the waves. Diving, snorkelling, and even the occasional attempt at surfing (though I admit, I'm not the best) are my preferred ways to spend weekends. In addition, I hold the role of Sub-AQUA Vice-Captain at our university, where I have a deep affection for the club and its members.

Furthermore, I take pride in chairing the Marine Society on campus, where my involvement extends to various sustainability initiatives throughout the year, including beach cleanups and charity fundraisers in support of sustainable causes. This academic year, I'm also serving as a class representative, actively participating in the LiFT program, and focusing on the employability award within our college.

I'm here as a liaison for clubs across campus, eagerly awaiting your questions, suggestions, critiques, and desires. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me; I'm here to assist and listen.



Phone: 091 493 570

Mobile: 085 844 9961