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NUIG SU Condemns Clare County Council for Withholding Grants


NUI Galway Students’ Union has condemned Clare County Council for refusing to process students’ grants unless proof that their household charge has been paid. Clare County Council has confirmed that it has written to third level grant applicants requesting proof that they have paid the household charge. According to the Council, applicants who have paid the household charge will have no unnecessary delay in the payment of their grant.

NUI Galway Students’ Union will picket the offices of Clare County Council this afternoon to highlight the anger and disgust of its students who will be affected by this action.

NUI Galway Students’ Union President Paul Curley said:

“The decision of Clare County Council is a short sighted and ridiculous move that won’t benefit anybody. Students are being held to ransom because the County Council can’t get its house in order to collect a charge that has no connection whatsoever to third level maintenance grants. The payment of third level grants, which have already suffered massive cuts, is already late and this terrible attempt at efficiency is only going to make things worse”

“Students don’t own houses and linking the payment of the household charge to their grants is a cheap shot. It’s on the same level as requesting proof of payment of the Household Charge before dispatching the fire brigade to a house fire. We call on Clare County Council to abandon this badly thought out plan and process students’ grant applications as a priority”

NUIG SU march over increased student charges


NUI Galway Students’ Union to march over proposed increases in the student contribution charge and further cuts to the maintenance grant.

Thousands of students from NUI Galway will march later today to protest against the financially crippling student contribution and possible cuts to the third level maintenance grant. Students will march from the NUI Galway campus to Eyre Square where a rally will be held. There, they will be joined by students from GMIT and Athlone IT.

Despite pre-election written assurances by Minister for Education & Science, Ruairi Quinn not to increase the student contribution, one of his first acts in government was to increase the annual charge by €1,000 and cut the maintenance grant by 11%.c The criteria to qualify for a maintenance grant have also been drastically changed which has resulted in supports to thousands of students being cut and the introduction of a new inefficient system for allocating grants known as SUSI, which is drastically failing students and pushing many of them towards dropping out of college. Last night in the Dáil, Minister Quinn apologised to the thousands of students who have been left without grants because of the failure of SUSI. He also accepted full responsibility for the errors.

Today’s march, which is part of a series of nationwide marches being organised by the Union of Students in Ireland, will give students the opportunity to publicly oppose the minister’s plans for further fee hikes and cuts to the maintenance grant. 44% of NUI Galway students are in receipt of a maintenance grant, which is the higher than any other Irish university. NUI Galway Students’ Union believes that any cuts to the maintenance grant will have devastating consequences.

NUI Galway Students’ Union President, Paul Curley, said:

“Students are beyond the point of being angry or annoyed by the Minister’s u- turns, or by the constant threat of more increases. It’s not about emotions anymore – it’s down to survival. Students and their families simply cannot afford to pay for the costs of college and many students are on the verge of dropping out. That’s a huge loss on money already invested in their education, and the taxpayer gets nothing back for that. Those students will join the dole queues and draw more from the exchequer than their education currently costs”

“This is very simple – invest in education and create a workforce who can attract investment and pay the bills. If Minister Quinn persists with his slash and burn tactics, he’ll be doing a lot more apologising in future”

Over 3,000 Students Participate in Student Protest


Over three thousand students from NUI Galway, GMIT and Athlone IT took part in a demonstration in Galway City Centre earlier this afternoon.

The demonstration, which was part of a series of nationwide events coordinated by the Union of Students in Ireland, sought to highlight the issues of continuing cuts to the maintenance grant and threatened increases in the student contribution. Students dressed in black carried a symbolic coffin to mark the death of education. Following a rally in Eyre Square, students continued to the constituency office of Labour Party TD, Derek Nolan where an additional rally took place.

NUI Galway Students’ Union President, Paul Curley said:

“The thousands of students who came out today sent a clear message to the Minister for Education and Science that they can’t take any more increases in student charges, or cuts to the grant. Students are well aware that the country is experiencing a financial crisis, and they’re not looking for more than anybody else. It’s about investment. The recent failure of SUSI has highlighted what happens when funding is cut – students end up dropping out of college halfway through their course”

“Students will continue to make their voices heard, and today’s protest is just one step in the campaign.”

AED Defibrillators


AED Defibrillator locations on campus

An Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is used to treat victims of sudden cardiac arrest. Currently the survival rate for sudden cardiac conditions is very poor, typically 1% but if an AED is used promptly, the victims chances of survival can increase significantly, e.g. if an AED is used within five minutes the victim has a 50% chance of survival. (HSE Report of the Task Force on Sudden Cardiac Death 2006)

There are 13 AEDs on Campus and AEDs are also in place in Aras Shorcha Ní Ghuairim, Carna and Aras Uí Chadhain, An Cheathru Rua.

There are 13 AEDs on Campus and AEDs are also in place in Aras Shorcha Ní Ghuairim, Carna and Aras Uí Chadhain, An Cheathru Rua. Their locations are shown on the Campus Map (interactive map – search for AED) and listed below. This equipment is to be used by trained personnel only.

AED Responders
There are over 150 personnel on site trained in the use of AEDs. This includes members of staff from the Student Health Unit, School of Nursing and Midwifery and others who have completed specific AED training. Please use the attached lists of AED trained personnel for the AED(s) relevant to you.

Other Personnel
Heads of Units must ensure that adequate local arrangements are in place to ensure a prompt response to a cardiac emergency as part of their Occupational First Aid arrangements. A Local Cardiac Arrest Response Plan should be prepared.

All members of the NUI Galway Community should familiarise themselves with the locations of the AEDs and who are the trained NUI Galway personnel that should be contacted in the event of coming across someone who may need the AED. As a back-up measure a telephone is beside most AEDs, which can be used to get help or rung to get a by-stander to bring the AED to a casualty. The relevant extensions are listed below. Please print off this information to be prepared to respond in the event of a local emergency.

Locations and further information:-

# 1 Áras na Mac Léinn (Main Foyer) AED Responders in Area 1 (Áras na Mac Léinn) 5100
# 2 Áras Moyola
(Main Foyer)
AED Responders in Area 2 (Áras Moyola) 5200
# 3 James Hardiman Library (Main Foyer) AED Responders in Area 3 (James Hardiman Library) 5340

# 4 Engineering Building – North Campus (Riverside Reception Ground Floor)

AED Responders in Area 4 (Engineering Building – North Campus) tbc
# 5 Sports Pavilion Dangan (Reception Area) AED Responders in Area 5 (Sports Pavilion Dangan) 2944
# 6 NCBES (Orbsen Building, 1st Floor, Adjacent to Reception)

AED Responders in Area 6 (NCBES)

#7 CSI (Entrance Level, Adjacent to Main Restaurant) AED Responders in Area 7 (CSI) 5500
# 8 DERI (1st Floor Meeting Room Corridor) AED Responders in Area 8 (DERI) tbc
# 9 Sports Complex Kingfisher (at Main Reception) AED Responders in Area 9 540300
# 10 Sports Complex Kingfisher (First Aid Room) AED Responders in Area 9 540300
# 11 Quadrangle (Archway)

AED Responders in Area 11 Quadrangle (Archway)

# 14 Concourse (Bank of Ireland end, outside O’Flaherty Theatre) AED Responders in Area 14 Concourse 2800
# 15 Cairnes Building (St Anthony’s side of Friar’s) AED Responders in Area 15 Cairnes Building tbc

Staff are reminded that they need to be aware of what to do in the event of any university first aid situations or emergencies:-
* Do you know the names and contact details of the nearest first aiders?
See list of NUI Galway Occupational First Aiders(all trained in Cardio
Pulmonary Resuscitation).
* Do you know the names and contact details of the nearest AED Responders
(See lists above).
* Do you know how to make an 999/112 emergency phone call –
See Emergency Information.
* A 999/112 call requesting a “cardiac ambulance” should be made where you come across any unconscious casualty.

The University’s AED Policy was finalised in 2010.