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Do-It-Yourself Laparoscopic Trainer

2015/16 Projects

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The aim of this project is to design and develop laparoscopic box trainers (DIY box trainers) on a budget to improve the technical skills of medical students with an interest in surgery as a career.

Digitising our Primary School Past

2015/16 Projects

5.18 Digitising our Primary School Past Logo

This project will photograph the Registers and Roll Books of the Primary Schools of North Mayo creating an electronic record of these archives.

Hypo Help

2015/16 Projects

Diabetes image

Hypo Help aims to develop a portable product that educates the public on what to do if they encounter a person with diabetes experiencing severe low blood sugar.

Loss Of the Night in Galway (LONG)

2015/16 Projects

5.26 Loss Of Night Galway Logo

The objective of this project is to run Galway’s first light pollution/sky quality measurement campaign.

NUIGlobal Buddy Programme

2015/16 Projects

5.17 NUI Global logo


This project aims to develop a buddy programme to ease the transition for incoming international students and ultimately enhance their academic and personal experience at NUI Galway.

NUI Galway Mini Med School

2015/16 Projects

5.7 Mini Med School Logo

This project will pilot a new student-led, interactive model at NUI Galway for promoting NUI Galway healthcare education and cancer awareness by engaging secondary school students interested in pursuing a medical related career.

NUI Galway: Laboratory for Sustainable Living

2015/16 Projects

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This project aims to complete an audit of sustainability related activities throughout the NUI Galway campus and will develop a video presentation as the foundation for an awareness campaign to encourage students and staff to study, work and live sustainably.

‘Past Students: New Women’

2015/16 Projects

 Credit: NUI Galway Archives

This project aims to produce short radio/podcast documentaries to illustrate how women undergraduates and graduates were prominent in the history of NUI Galway at a time of social and political change during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Pi Bot 2.0: electronics, photonics and robotics

2015/16 Projects

5.8 Pi-Bot Logo 

 This project will expose interested Physics secondary school students to electronics, photonics and robotics in an interactive and fun way.

‘Roots’ – Youth Programme

2015/16 Projects

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This project will work with young people in Galway to encourage group participation in extracurricular activities.