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Theatre Week

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Theatre Week 23rd March – 27th March 2015

Fansci Society Conventions: Itzacon

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Fansci Society Conventions: Itzacon Friday 20th March – Sunday 22nd March 2015

St. Patrick’d Day Bank Holiday

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3rd Year Engineering Spring Exams

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3rd year Engineering Spring Exams 16th March – 30th March 2015

SU Part Time Officer Elections

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NUI Galway Students’ Union Election & Referenda Results 2015


NUI Galway Students’ Union Election & Referenda Results 2015

Congratulations to the newly elected NUI Galway Students’ Union Sabbatical officers who will take up office on the 1st of July. They are: President Phelim Kelly, Vice-President/Education Officer Rebecca Melvin and Vice-President/Welfare Officer Jimmy McGovern. The students of NUI Galway also voted that the Students’ Union will now actively support the legalisation and regulation of the cultivation, sale and possession of cannabis for adults aged 18 years and over. 

On Thursday 12th of March students will go back to the polls at NUI Galway to elect their part-time officers and to decide on a referendum regarding the Students’ Union Constitution.

Here are the full election and referenda results:

RESULT: President

Total Poll: 2,727

Spoiled Votes: 50
Total Valid Poll: 2,674

Quota: 1,338

1st Count:

Doyle, Ross: 283

Kelly, Phelim: 1,110

McLoughlin Cian: 60

Moran, Cillian: 193

Picard, Karl: 996

RON: 32

Re-Open Nominations and McLoughlin, Cian Eliminated.

2nd Count:

Doyle, Ross: Eliminated

Kelly, Phelim: 1,298 (+188)

McLoughlin Cian: Eliminated

Moran, Cillian: Eliminated

Picard, Karl: 1,152 (+156)

RON: Eliminated

Phelim Kelly Deemed Elected

RESULT: Vice President/Education Officer Election

Total Poll: 2,649
Spoiled Votes: 65
Total Valid Poll: 2,584
Quota: 1,293

1st Count:
Duffy, Joanne: 1,086
Melvin, Rebecca: 1,417
RON: 81

Rebecca Melvin Deemed Elected

RESULT: Vice President/Welfare Officer Election

Total Poll: 2,648

Spoiled Votes: 44
Total Valid Poll: 2,604

Quota: 1,303

1st Count:

Broderick, Shane: 585

McGovern, Jimmy: 1,254

Reilly, Megan: 739

RON: 26

Re-Open nominations and Broderick, Shane eliminated

2nd Count:

Broderick, Shane N/A

McGovern, Jimmy: 1,483 (+229)

Reilly Megan: 938 (+199)


Jimmy McGovern Deemed Elected

RESULT: SU Council Chair Election


Gallagher, Ronan

Sherlock, Cathal

Cathal Sherlock Deemed Elected

Referendum Result:

Total Poll: 2,665

Spoiled Votes: 31

Total Valid Poll: 2,634

Quota: 1,318

1,796 YES votes

838 NO Votes

Proposal Passed

NUI Galway Students’ Union now actively supports the “legalisation and regulation of the cultivation, sale and possession of cannabis for adults aged 18 and over.”


SU Full Time Officer Elections

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SU Council

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SU Council 6pm-8pm  IT250 IT building 1st Floor

Seachtain na Gaeilge

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Seachtain na Gaeilge 1st March – 17th March 2015