December 2013

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NUI Galway English Lab (GEL)

2013/2014 Projects

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This project involves the creation of a multifaceted, interactive website which will act as a resource for the approximately six hundred first-year English students. It will include grammar exercises and detail the distinctions between university and secondary school academic writing. It will also contain information on literature and literary history.

“Scary Noisy Things”: Developing Emotional Vocabulary in Toddlers

2013/2014 Projects

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This project aims to develop a book which will enable parents/caregivers to initiate conversations about negative emotions such as fear & worry with toddlers. We will be depicting naturally occurring scenarios such as hand dryers which often cause negative emotional reactions in young children in order to kick start these conversations. The book will be disseminated widely and should be a valuable resource for parents and caregivers.


2013/2014 Projects

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This is a mobile phone app which will detail all the various events on the NUI Galway campus as well as student-focused offers and promotions in Galway businesses. It is aimed at improving the experience of students, staff, clubs and societies and their relationships with NUI Galway.

Accounting Nuggets — Learning Support for Leaving Cert Accountancy

2013/2014 Projects

 Accounting Nuggets

An NUI Galway accountancy student will give online tutorials on Leaving Certificate level accountancy while also giving an insight into the day in the life of an accountancy student at university. The video should aid Leaving Certificate students while also promoting NUI Galway.

Undergraduate Science Fair

2013/2014 Projects

 Science Fair

This project takes the concept of a science fair and expands it by allowing all students, from across all disciplines, to design an experiment or create a science project. As an interdisciplinary effort, it aims at getting all students involved and interested in science.

Journal of Medical Students Galway

2013/2014 Projects

Medical Journal2


This project is aimed at creating an open-access, peer-reviewed scientific journal. It will allow medical students to have their articles published in the journal and should encourage engagement with medical research at undergraduate level, which traditionally has not been the case.

Galway Neuroscience Centre Workshops

2013/2014 Projects

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The project will see the creation of interactive displays on the workings of the human brain through games and challenges, such as optical illusions, mirror writing and test of hand-eye coordination. Aimed at engaging both adults and children in understanding the wonders of the brain.

Promoting Pollinators on Campus

2013/2014 Projects

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Aimed at promoting the awareness of pollinators, this project will see a hive of honeybees established on campus, to be used for educational and research purposes. The project will improve the biodiversity of NUI Galway and underline the importance of pollinators in everyday life.

Interactive tools at the Zoology and Marine Biology Museum

2013/2014 Projects

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Exhibits in this on-campus museum will be allocated a Quick Response (QR) code, allowing visitors to scan the codes with their smartphones and access bilingual information on the exhibits. The project aims at improving the experience of both campus-based and external visitors to the museum.

The Big Yellow Thing

2013/2014 Projects

Big Yellow Thing3

This artistic project will see the creation of creative new designs tailored to NUI Galway. Merchandise with these new designs would then be made available in campus retailers, making them available to students, staff, visitors and alumni.